New Media Academic and Entrepreneur

Curriculum Vitae


Jonathan R. Guajardo, M.A.




  • New Media Entrepreneur/Business Owner of GA Media Productions

    • Company/Institution: GA Media Productions (San Antonio, TX)

    • Duration: 05/2008 - Present

    •  Description:

      • Operate and maintain business relations with a variety of individuals and companies, including Nature Sweet Tomatoes, Tom Benson Car Dealerships, and various news outlets. The services I offer include photography, videography, social media promotions, website development, virtual tour construction, 3D graphic animations, stop-motion animations, multi-camera live streaming and event coverage.

      •  Hired to work on production crews in a variety of new media situations for various major companies including, but not limited to: ESPN, the National Basketball Association, AARP, and Cox Media Group. Services I’ve provided include videography, photography, media wrangling, multi-camera live streaming and production assistance.

  • Adjunct Professor, Television Production II (COMM 3320)

    • Company/Institution: Our Lady of the Lake University (San Antonio, TX)

    • Duration: 01/2017 - 05/2017

    • Description:

      • Taught a 3000 level course on Advanced Television Production at Our Lady of the Lake University. The class placed an emphasis on the development and production of talk shows, news formats, music video productions, and sitcom/drama format programming. Students were required to develop, write, and produce one 30-minute talk show, sitcom, or info program for a final project and four individual genre videos throughout the semester.

  •  Faculty Moderator of Student-Run Lakefront News Program

    • Company/Institution: Our Lady of the Lake University (San Antonio, Texas)

    • Duration: 01/2017 - 05/2017

    • Description:

      • Moderated the student-run newscast program, The Lakefront Live  at Our Lady of the Lake University. The position included meeting with students to make sure they are finding and shooting stories for the weekly newscast and assisting them with production techniques and the usage of advanced news-production equipment including 4K Broadcast cameras, Tricaster video switching, grid lighting techniques, in-studio soundboard mixing and on-location news production.

  •  Adjunct Professor, Digital News Production (COMM 2320)

    •  Company/Institution: Our Lady of the Lake University (San Antonio, Texas)

    • Duration: 08/2016 - 12/2016

    •  Description:

      • Taught a Digital News Production class at Our Lady of the Lake University on the basics of studio and field production with an emphasis on equipment usage, lighting, sound and editing. The class was a 2000 level course and consisted of three class hours and three studio hours per week.

  •  Official South By Southwest (SXSW) Photographer

    • Company/Institution: South by Southwest

    • Duration: 03/2015, 03/2016

    •  Description:

      • Photographed various SXSW events, talks, and concerts for the festival. Out of 20,000 applicants, only around 80 were chosen to be official SXSW photographers.

  •  UIW School of Media and Design (SMD) Social Media Coordinator

    • Company/Institution:  University of the Incarnate Word School of Media and Design

    • Duration: 05/2013 - 12/2014

    • Description:

      • Operated various social media outlets for the University of the Incarnate Word’s School of Media and Design, in addition to promoting the department at various events and keeping students informed about upcoming SMD-sponsored events.

  •  Student Body President

    • Company/Institution: University of the Incarnate Word

    • Duration:  06/2011 - 05/2014

    •  Description:

      • Organized and promoted on-campus events. Approved and maintained relations with various Incarnate Word organizations including the Alumni Association and the Board of Trustees. Lobbied for the student body to the administration.

  •  Media Producer Carlos Zaldivar for San Antonio District 7 Campaign

    • Company/Institution: Carlos Zaldivar for District 7 Campaign

    • Duration:  04/2013 - 06/2013

    • Description:

      •  Served as the social media coordinator, photographer, and videographer for the Carlos Zaldivar campaign. Shot, edited, and produced a web promo video for the campaign, took photos at various campaign events, and managed the campaign Facebook page.

  •  Football Videographer

    • Company/Institution: University of the Incarnate Word Football Department

    • Duration: 06/2009 - 04/2011

    • Description:

      •  Filmed football practices and games and edited the footage for the coaches in preparation for upcoming games.


  •  UIW Student Body President : 3 Terms (2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014)

  • UIW Dean’s List: Every Semester (Fall 2008 / Fall 2011)

  •  UIW Board of Trustees : Member (Fall 2011-Spring 2013)

  •  UIW Alumni Board : Member (Summer 2011-Spring 2014)

  •  UIW Student Government Association Parliamentarian : (Spring 2011)

  •  UIW Student Government Association: : Intern (Fall 2010)

  •  UIWTV : Produced/Directed Internet television programs.

  •  UIWTV Sports Anchor and Camera Operator (Fall 2010)

  •  UIW Red C : Public Relations Director; Notable: Designed “Red C” T-shirt (Fall 2010)

  •  KUIW Internet Radio Sunday Programming Director: DJ of the Month (11/2012)

  •  UIW Convergent Media Collective President (1/2014-12/2014)

  •  UIW School of Media and Design Outstanding Graduate Student (Fall 2014)


  •  “Converging Texan Cultures” Exhibit at the Institute of Texan Cultures

    •  Status: Completed

    • Description:

      • This exhibit examines Texan Cultures from a 21st century technological perspective and highlights contemporary themes in Texas architecture, food, and textiles/clothing.

    •  Production Work Performed:

      • Architectural Videography (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin), Culinary Videography, Photography, Video Editing, General Documentation, Team Management.

    • Link(s):

  •  “Deserted Texas” Documentary Series

    • Status:  Currently In Production

    • Description:

      •  Deserted Texas consists of a group of explorers, historians and media professionals who enjoy researching Texas history and visiting towns that once bustled with throngs of people but now lay dormant as a reminder of a time long passed.

    • Production Work Performed:

      • Team Management, Research Collection, Photography/Videography, Digital Video/Photo Editing, Social Media Management, Web Management

    • Link(s):

  • “The Boy Made of Lightning” iBook

    • Status: Completed

    • Description:

      •  The first children’s book about the life of voting rights pioneer Willie Velasquez. The narrative includes original art, music, pop-up video windows, translations & sound effects. Narrated by Congressman Joaquin Castro.

      •  Production Work Performed:

        • Photography/Videography, Digital Video/Photo Editing.

    • Link(s):

  • Cox Media Projection Mapping Collaboration

    • Status: Completed

    • Description:

      •  The Convergent Media Collective consulted with Cox Media Group on a promotional projection mapping concept. The concept developed into a site-specific projection project where they would be able to promote their clients through projection environments using branding in the background, as well as well customers/patrons.

  • “Young Historians, Living Histories” Project at the Institute of Texan Cultures

    •  Status: Completed

    • Description:

      •  The program’s goal was to encourage young historians to “explore and better understand the history and culture of the Asian Pacific American community while learning to utilize new technology.” Worked with the Convergent Media Collective to produce video pieces of young Koreans and Korean immigrants telling their unique stories about coming to America and their encounter with the American culture.

    •  Production Work Performed: Videography, Photography, Documentation, Digital Video/Photo Editing.

    • Link(s):

  • “Electro Sounds” Event at the University of the Incarnate Word

    •  Status: Completed

    • Description:

      • Electronic dance music event created by the Convergent Media Collective to stimulate campus life and provide the students of the university with a night of music and dancing.

    • Production Work Performed: Event Planning, Team Management, Photography, Videography, Digital Video/Photo Editing.

  • Convergent Media Demo at TEDx San Antonio

    •  Status: Completed

    • Description:

      • This year the Convergent Media Collective was asked by TEDx San Antonio to host a demo of our projects and research. We were happy to oblige and we put together a group of demos that we felt exuded the raw nature of our work, both technologically and theoretically.

    • Production Work Performed: Videography, Photography, Digital Video/Photo Editing, Team Management, Social Media Promotion, Presentation, Face-to-face promotion.

  • Bexar County “Bibliotech” Project

    • Status: Completed

    • Description:

      • The Convergent Media Collective consulted with Bexar County officials during the creative process for the BiblioTech Digital Library, which is the first all-digital public library in the United States and is located in Bexar County, Texas. Since the doors of the first branch opened on September 14th, 2013, BiblioTech has actively worked to bridge literacy and technology gaps in San Antonio and surrounding areas by establishing a community presence at the physical locations as well as an online presence through the digital collections and resources.

    • Production Work Performed: Videography, Photography, Documentation, Team


  • The BMC Effect: An Examination of Black Mountain College and Its Impact on 21st Century Alternative Pedagogical Models

    • Status: Completed

    • Description:

      • The BMC Effect is Black Mountain College’s influence on contemporary alternative

        pedagogical educational experiments. Founded in 1933 in the small town of Black

        Mountain, North Carolina, Black Mountain College focused much of its efforts on

        educating the wholeness of its students utilizing a model of student-teacher open

        dialogue. The College also sought to incorporate artistic growth into its curriculum,

        believing that this would help students in their ideation process and encourage creativity.

        Although it closed its doors in 1957, the College’s presence can still be felt throughout the

        many experimental colleges and programs, which followed its radical teaching model.

        This website explores the philosophy of Black Mountain College and traces its influences

        to these various programs, specifically focusing on the former ACTLAB at the University

        of Texas at Austin, the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the

        newly founded Convergent Media Program at the University of the Incarnate Word.

    • Link(s):


  •  Central Catholic High School (April 2012)

    • Audience: CCHS Student Body

    • Topic: Making the Most of Your High School Career

  • University of the Incarnate Word (Spring 2013/Fall 2013/Fall 2014/Spring 2015)

    • Audience: UIW School of Media and Design Students

    • Topic: Making the Most of Your Collegiate Career

  • Texas A&M University (November 2013)

    • Audience: Intro to Mass Communication Class

    • Topic: New Media & Activism

  • Dorkbot Austin (April 2013)

    • Audience: Dorkbot Austin Members

    • Topic: Convergent Media at the University of the Incarnate Word

  • College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) National Student Electronic Media Convention (November 2013)

    • Audience: CBI Students

    • Topic: New Media & Activism

  • University of the Incarnate Word (Spring 2015)

    • Audience: UIW School of Media and Design Students

    • Topic: Entrepreneurship and New Media

  • Texas A&M University-San Antonio (Fall 2015)

    • Audience: TAMUSA Communications Students

    • Topic: Entrepreneurship and New Media

  • University of the Incarnate Word (Fall & Spring 2017)

    • Audience: UIW School of Media and Design Students

    • Topic: New Media Entrepreneurship


  •  Apple Final Cut Pro 7

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Apple Logic Pro

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Bridge

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • NewTek Tricaster

  • iBooks Author

  • Garageband

  • Panotour Virtual Tour Creation Software 2.3

  • AutoPano Pro Panorama Creation Software 3.7

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher)

  • Avid ProTools

  • Celtx Script Writing Software

  • Google Office

  • Panasonic HMC-150 Video Camera Operation

  • Canon DSLR Operation

  • Video and Photographic Lighting

  • Audio Production and On-Site Recording

  • Public Speaking

  • Creative and Article Writing/Publishing